Mick Thomson’s Signature Pickups Reviewed By Guitar World

Guitar World recently reviewed Mick Thomson‘s signature Seymour Duncan Pickups, the EMTY AHB-3 Blackouts. These new pickups were made specifically to Mick’s specifications. Below you can read an excerpt from the review, go to Guitar World to read the whole review and watch the video.

“The most recent addition to the Blackout family is a signature pickup co-designed by Slipknot powerhouse Mick Thomson, the EMTY AHB-3 Blackouts. Thomson was an enthusiastic fan of the original Blackouts but wanted them to be optimized for his detuned low strings and aggressive highs. In response, Duncan changed some of the Blackout’s preamp components and the windings on one of the coils to arrive at the EMTY signature set (the name is a phonetic spelling of Thomson’s initials). Visually, the AHB-3s have the Seymour Duncan logo on top of the epoxy encasement and Mick’s trademark “Seven” emblazoned on their side. They still feature the three-pin connect system for easy retrofitting into your current active pickup setup and come with everything you’ll need if you’re switching from a passive to an active system.”