Joey Jordison Ultimate Guitar Interview

Before Murderdolls performed at their now infamous comeback shows in California, Joey Jordison took some time to speak with Below you can read an excerpt from the interview.

Ultimate-Guitar: You are working with another guitar player for the live shows.

Joey Jordison: I didn’t like havin’ to play solos so like I got a guitar player where it sounds so much tighter so I can take the weight off that. I’m a fuckin’ fantastic rhythm player; I mean I’m tight and I’m just like I play drums when I play guitar. I write music and I’ve never really bothered to play solos. You know I can get my way around ‘em but they bore me. I hate playin’ solos. There’s a lot of like solo players that can’t play rhythm for shit and I’ve been around ‘em my whole life. I’ve know my new guitar player [Acey Slade] since I was in Ministry when I was playing drums and he is just great. I still do a few; I still rip ‘em. I would still do ‘em but like he works six pedals at once during a solo and I’m like, “Alright; this rules.” I don’t have to do anything but just completely be an awesome rhythm guitar player and that’s what I like.

U-G: Has being around guitar players like Jim Root and Mick Thomson in Slipknot rubbed off on you at all? Have you brought any of those Slipknot-guitar qualities to the Murderdolls?

Joey: Dude, I could never touch one of those [guys.] As far as rhythm, yeah, but if you’re talking about leads and stuff like that, those dudes are on another planet. I have two of the best guitar players in the fucking world in that band; they’re unreal. And the funny thing is no one really knew on the first record [Slipknot]. People look back on the first Slipknot record and they’re like, “Man, you weren’t nu metal.” I’m like, “I know we weren’t!” We just got lumped into it because the band got big during that time. You know? Those guys, dude, as far as like shredding if you want to call it that, whatever you want to call it, lead playing and all that shit? I laugh because they’re so good. They’re amazing. I’ve never really picked up on anything they’ve ever done. I don’t watch ‘em or anything like that. I gotta worry about playing like 32nd notes and playing blast beats and shit.

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