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Chirs Fehn Became a Father! Congratulations!

Chris Fehn - SlipknotAfter recently finishing their appearance at Soundwave in Australia, a return to Iowa bore a special significance for one of The Nine. Upon their return, #3 – Chris Fehn and his wife welcomed a son in to the world. The newest member of the Slipknot family was born on March 23rd 2012 and his name is currently unannounced.

Maggots worldwide, please join me in congratulating #3 and his wife and wishing them all the best for their newborn!

Slipknot Photo Exhibition In Manchester, UK

Corey Taylor - SlipknotPaul Harries is Britain’s pre-eminent photographer of rock bands who play their music at volume! Over the course of more than two decades, if a group has emerged that are loud and proud of it, chances are its members have stood in the frame of this man’s lens. Paul has amassed a portfolio that amounts to nothing less than a rock fan’s dream. From an apprenticeship served in the photo pit at London’s legendary Marquee Club, he has risen to occupy the position of leading lensman for Kerrang! magazine, the world’s best-selling music weekly. Paul has closed his shutter on such groups as Nirvana, Muse, Green Day, Metallica, AC/DC, Biffy Clyro, Ozzy Osbourne, Red Hot Chili Peppers and, of course, the mighty Slipknot.

In celebration of Paul’s work with Slipknot for over 13 years ~ we are pleased to announce that an exhibition of his incredible photographs of the band, will take place at Manchester Photographic Gallery from Friday 13th April – Wednesday 2nd May. This exhibition was first held at The Strand Gallery, London in 2011 and was both a critical and commercial success.

This is the perfect opportunity to display Paul Harries’ fascinating work that has taken him all over the world. This includes Slipknot’s hometown of Des Moines, Iowa and as far away as Australia. Over sixty photographs will be on display, including behind the scenes and previously unseen images, only possible due to the trust and respect Slipknot has for Paul, allowing him exclusive access.

The private view for Slipknot – A Photographic Exhibition by Paul Harries will be on Thursday 12th April 6.30-9pm in our fantastic new location, 45 Dale Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, which is adjacent to our other Photographic Gallery on Tariff Street. The exhibition has been kindly sponsored by Hahnemuhle – the digital fine art paper.

Slipknot is not always the easiest band to capture in the true essence of photography and also not very easy to work with in the photo environment. Paul Harries has always been able to capture the band in its true form and has also been able to put up with all our bullshit that surrounds us night and day. Look at ‘the Knot’ as seen through the eyes of a true photographer, artist and friend.”

Shawn Crahan aka Clown, Slipknot

Source: Manchester Photographic

Interview With Joel McIver, Author of “Slipknot: All Hope Is Gone”

Below you can read a few excerpts from an interview with Joel McIver, the author of the book “Slipknot: All Hope Is Gone.”

Omnibus Press: This is a massively updated and, as you’ve pointed out yourself more grown-up version of the original Slipknot biography you wrote ten years ago. Why now?

Joel McIver: For several reasons. Firstly, Slipknot is now a vastly different band from the one I portrayed in the original 2001 edition. Back then, no-one could have predicted that the group would still be together 11 years later: indeed, they themselves expressed public doubts about their longevity, simply because of the potentially explosive combination of personalities involved and the gruelling nature of their music. And yet here they are, a darker, more adult version of the original template, but here nonetheless. That fact alone demands an updated biography, but add to this the nature of the journey they’ve undertaken — involving tragedy, addiction and global success beyond anyone’s expectations — and the need for a new book is obvious.

Tragedy indeed, including the loss of founder member Paul Gray. I hear they positioned a cardboard cutout of him on stage last year?

Not quite: they had his jumpsuit on a stand of some kind with his bass positioned nearby, while a bass player (one of the band’s early guitarists) played bass off stage.

Oh but that’s equally wonderful. Their self-titled Slipknot was the first platinum album on Roadrunner. What, in a nutshell, do you think made them so right for that moment in 1999?

They encapsulated the popular nu-metal sound of the day but amplified it with death metal influences and grim sentiments for a new type of heavy music. Kids loved it and voted with their wallets. Dark is good! Also, they looked terrifying and their live shows were insane. All good, parent-worrying stuff…

The Subliminal Verses which was produced by Rick Rubin got to number two on the Billboard charts, and this was followed by a massive tour, and then another of their famous hiatuses. Do you think these peaks and troughs in the internal psychology of the band have added to their appeal over the years?

Yes I do. The band have built a veritable empire of side projects over the years, the most prominent of which is singer Corey Taylor‘s other band Stone Sour, which is snapping at Slipknot‘s heels in terms of commercial presence. This means that albums and tours from the mothership band come relatively far apart. A new album from this band is an event, accordingly, and the fans know and appreciate that.

Read more at Omnibus Press.


Periphery Vocalist Covers Slipknot

Periphery (who are signed to Roadrunner UK) vocalist Spencer Sotelo gathered a few friends – guitarist Taylor Larson, bassist Will Donnelly, and Periphery members Misha Mansoor (normally a guitarist) and Matt Halpern on drums – and recorded a cover of Slipknot‘s classic “The Heretic Anthem,” from their 2001 album Iowa. You can listen to the cover in the player below. Iowa - Slipknot

Source: Roadrunner Records

Slipknot Guitar Cover Contest

OpiumofthePeople.net has teamed up with Guitar Master Class and we’re giving you the chance to win one of three 1 year supscriptions to Guitar Master Class (each worth $110!) Guitar Master Class provides subscribers with thousands of online music lessons in a variety of genres (including metal \m/), personalized mentoring from expert musicians, and a ton of other resources for players of all levels.

All you have to do to enter the contest is upload a guitar cover of a Slipknot song to YouTube and post a link to your entry on the official OpiumofthePeople.net facebook page.

You can find the rules of the contest here: Slipknot Guitar Cover Contest

The contests ends on March 28, 2012.

Slipknot Guitar Cover Contest

Clown: “We’re All Trying To Understand The Myth Of Life”

Slipknot mastermind/percussionist M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan will be appearing at this year’s South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas this week, premiering his photo book Apocalyptic Nightmare Journey with a press party and Q&A session on Thursday, March 15th.

Earlier that afternoon, he’ll be participating in a panel discussion, Seeing Red: Aesthetics & Visuals of Metal, with Al Jourgensen of Ministry and Mike Williams of Eyehategod. That will be held in room 11AB of the Austin Convention Center from 2:45 to 3:45 PM. Then, at 7 PM, he’ll be at The Jr (formerly Emo’s Jr) at 603 Red River Street for the press party and Q&A session.

A new Q&A with Clown can be found below:

Q: What photographers and visual art inspire you?

A: “The American photographer Joel-Peter Witkin is my biggest influence in life. He is the be-all-end-all of everything I hope to become in photography. I have to study the masters of the realm before I’ll ever get to that level. The Impressionist painters have also made an indelible mark on my work as well as the Surrealist and Post-Impressionist styles. I love Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Cezanne and Gauguin, all the masters of painting. But Joel-Peter Witkin is the end all be all in photography. I would never copy Joel, but I desire the confidence to able to create unheard of visions within my soul and not worry about the risk of society or cultural retaliation. He creates the most horrific, insane, almost heinous at times, sexual, human images of the grotesque. I would never do it for the shock factor only for the exploration of my mind, to somehow make sanity tangible by bordering on the edge. I’m all about making art tangible, taking it from my brain and having you hold it in your hands. And that’s what The Apocalyptic Nightmare Journey is, you’re holding my vision. That is as close to god as I come. It’s the same thing with my band Slipknot, when we’re on stage it’s church. It takes two to make church, but we have nine. It’s my religion.”

Q: Describe your muse…

A: “We’re all trying to understand the myth of life. Uncovering the myth is understanding that the truth is always in front of you. Both my peers and mentors that have taught me from music to photography, have all agreed one of my most prominent attributes in art is that I know how to commit. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to wonder if something can be better, I commit and I know right away that if I’m happy with a piece and this is how it’s going to lie forever. The truth is in front of you, and you have a right decision and a wrong decision to make at all times. Being in a Catholic school for 12 years I’ve grappled with my own questions on with mortality and dying. I don’t have a morbid sense of fascination or even think that death is something I should study but it’s in everything I do because “death is more proof than god.” I’m more in touch with my own death clock than I am with god. I’m not religious, but I am spiritual and fairly dark hence the The Apocalyptic Nightmare Journey.”

Read more at BraveWords.com

Clown Mask