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Joey Jordison Interviewed By Hardrock Haven

Hardrock Haven recently conducted an interview with Joey Jordison (#1 of Slipknot). Below you can read an excerpt from the interview. You can find the whole thing at Hardrock Haven.

Hardrock Haven: Last year you released the 10th anniversary edition of Iowa, when you look back over those recording sessions now what comes to mind?

Joey Jordison: It’s weird because I don’t listen to my own music all that much. You go on tour for eighteen months on each record and you get sick of it, the bittersweet thing though is when you have time away from it and the same thing was with the 10th anniversary release of the first record, I listen back to it and I go “oh my god”, I remember everything about how it came up, the result, the energy. Remembering those times, I think to myself “my god how the fuck did we create this”? It blows me away and it’s the same with ‘Iowa’. When we went to do the interviews and explain how the record was made, you remember everything but you want to get into the vibe of it, so you listen to the record and you’re like… man we were in a dark ass fucking place when we made that record! There’s no acting whatsoever on any Slipknot record. Every time I listen to our records I can’t just listen to a song, if I listen to one Slipknot song, I’m in for the long haul, I have to listen to it all the way through. Every time I listen to one of the Slipknot records I’m honestly blown away and very proud of what we’ve done.

Credit: Blabbermouth

Joey Jordison - Slipknot

Slipknot: Boise Mayhem Tickets Are On Sale NOW!

2012 Mayhem Tickets Available This Morning For Boise, Idaho 4th Of July Show

Boise Get READY! Tickets are on sale this morning at 10AM for the 2012 Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival stop, July 4th at the Idaho Center Amphitheater. Details for this morning’s pre-sale:

The first 1,000 tickets will receive special 3D laminate and front of line access! $29.50, the 2nd 1,000 tickets $35.00, the 3rd 1,000 tickets $39.50 and All other ADVANCE tickets $49.50 and finally DAY OF SHOW tickets $55.00* ALL tickets subject to ticketing and/or handling fees and this offer is only good for the Boise show.

Get your Boise tickets here: http://bit.ly/zes0oZ

For those other Mayhem fans across the country, all other 2012 Mayhem shows are going on sale with the 72 Hour Get Off Your ASS promotion ($5 off any ticket) on March 30th and you can register now for the pre-sale here for first crack at these tickets: http://bit.ly/zM2wly

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Slipknot Won’t Record A New Album Until At Least 2013

Clown - SlipknotSpeaking to Kerrang!, M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan replied to a question about what Slipknot‘s plans were after they finish their US tour in August by saying: “After that, we’ll probably take some time off. It could be a month, it could be a couple of months, maybe even a year.”

He added that after that, he would have completed his grieving for the band’s former bassist Paul Gray.

Clown: “After that time, I’ll be over the immediate grieving process for Paul. I’ll never be alright with it, but that’s going to be enough time to get focused”.

You can check out more excerpts from the interview at NME.com